Later in 1993, we were renamed to Yi Huat Trading Sdn Bhd to develop a better brand identity across the industry. We have committed ourselves in service excellent and renewed sales experience to our clients.

In 1989, Li Huat Machinery was founded by Mr.Kek Tiam Huat in the southern most city of Malaysia, Johor Bahru. Li Huat specialized in the sales and services of sewing machine and sewing machines parts to mainly commercial across the southern region of clients.

Today, we have built our prominent presence in the sewing industry though our comprehensive products range and our extensive knowledge in the industry. Our product range from sewing machines, to sewing materials, to all sort of sewing accessories & attachment. We constantly update our products & services to keep up with the evolving marketplace & the increase needs from our clients.

In the beginning of 2021, Yi Huat has taken another giant leap into online platform. This is inline with the vision of the company to continue to expand its presence from Malaysia into the global marketplace. The online initiative, not only will it allow us to get in touch with the global market, it has bought us one step closer to our clients, thus creating a unique and refreshing service experience.

We believe, with our extensive knowledge & experience in this fast moving industry, that we will continue to grow with our client and to become a leading supplier & service provider in the industry.

Our Mission

To provide our client with professional and dedicated service that creates unique and personalized experience to fulfil clients need.

Milestone for YI Huat Trading Sdn Bhd.


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